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Current member

Kshitiz Dhakar, Graudate student, Project: Field scale phenotyping, GWAS analysis, hyperspectral imaging.

Marcela Aguilera, Graduate student (joint with Boris Vinatzer): Plant pathogen detection using nanopore sequencing and machine learning.

Tran Chau (Nina), Graudate student, Project: Single cell cross species comparison.

Xuemei Zhang (Missi), Postdoc associate, Project: Plant disease detection using hyperspectral imaging and CRISPR.

Prakash Timilsina (PR), Postdoc associate, Project: Single cell analysis and machine learning.

Sai Deepak Gattidi, Master student, Project: Single Cell GO analysis.

Upasana Sivaramakrishnan, Master student, Project: Robotics and plant disease detection using hyperspectral imaging.

Kassaye Baley, Graduate student (joint with Boris Vinatzer), Project: Phylogenetic analysis of plant pathogens.

Zhibo Wang, Postdoc associate (joint with Bo Zhang), Project: whole genome resequencing using Nanopore, genome editing of edamame.


Zhiyi Li, Graduate research associate: Deep learning for plant phenotyping. Current Position (2022), Postdoc Associate at Oak Ridge National Lab.

Xing Wei, Graduate student (with Hillary Mehl): Current position (2022), Postdoc Associate at Purdue University.

Jiyoung Lee, Postdoc associate, Current position (2022), Nanjing Agriculture University.

Haidong Yan, Ph.D. Graduate student, Current position (2022), Postdoc Associate at University of Georgia.

Qi Song (Alex), Ph.D. Graduate student, Current position (2022), Postdoc Associate at Carnigie Mellon University.

Shamima Akter, Master student, Current position (2019), Research Associate at College of Veterinary Medcine, Virginia Tech.

James Friel, Post master research associate, Current position (2019), Graduate student at University of Milan.

Qian Zhu, Ph.D. Graduate student, Current position (2019), Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Harnaik Dhami, Master student (with Pratap Tokekar), Current position (2019), Graduate student at University of Maryland

Dhivyaa Rajasundaram, Postdoctoral Fellow. Current position (2019): Core Lead, Bioinformatics Core at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Past undergraduate students

John Zeglarski, Project, plant disease detecion using machine learning on a iOS mobile phone.

Jane Leetun, Project, single cell cytof analysis of mouse monoctyes

Matthew Rogers, Project, single cell analysis of plant roots

Carrie Edwards, Project, develop protocol for field scale phenotyping using drones

Stacey Oh, Project, quantification of protein and oil content in soybean seeds with NIR spectrometer.

Edward Liu, Project, plant disease dection using machine learning in an android device.

Tianshu Xu, Project, field scale phenotyping using a self driving ground robot and 3D LiDAR.

Group photos

Alex graudation party, Fall 2019

Group retreat at Claytor Lake, summer 2019

IBM hackathon 2019

Field phenotpying with drone and groud robot 2019

End of year celebration 2018

Field work day at Kentland farm 2018